Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane

Front cover of one of the volumes (the 1999 book Preconscio e creatività ["Preconscious and Creativity"] edited by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., founder of the journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane, with chapters by David Rapaport, Ernst Kris, Peter B. Neubauer, Harold P. Blum, and Pinchas Noy) of the book series "Tracce dalla psicoanalisi" ["Clues from Psychoanalysis"] published by Einaudi of Turin, Italy ("Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi: Psicologia, Psicoanalisi, Psichiatria"), directed by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D.

Presentation of the book series "Tracce dalla psicoanalisi" (from the back cover):
Tracce dalla psicoanalisi ["Clues from Psychoanalysis"] has the aim of witnessing the psychoanalytic understanding of social and cultural phenomena, both of the past and of the present. The analyses of deep psychic processes are collected in small anthologies that present the detailed, rigorous, and slow construction of the psychoanalytic edifice as a collective heritage. The contributions selected for this book series give the reader the possibility to link research in specialized fields with the peculiarity of his/her own experience.

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