Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane

Psychological Issues
Book Series founded by George S. Klein in 1959


Monographs published by International Universities Press:

1. Erik H. Erikson, Identity and the Life Cycle: Selected Papers (1959) (Italian translation: I cicli della vita. Continuità e mutamenti. Rome: Armando, 1984)

2. Irving H. Paul, Studies in Remembering: The Reproduction of Connected and Extended Verbal Material (1959)

3. Fritz Heider, On Perception and Event Structure, and the Psychological Environment. Selected Papers (1959)

4. Riley W. Gardner, Philip S. Holzman, George S. Klein & Harrier Linton, Cognitive Control: A Study of Individual Consistencies in Cognitive Behavior (1959)

5. Perer H. Wolff, The Developmental Psychologies of Jean Piaget and Psychoanalysis (1960)

6. David Rapaport, The Structure or Psychoanalytic Theory: A Systematizing Attempt (1960) (Italian translation: Struttura della teoria psicoanalitica. Un tentativo di sistematizzazione. Turin: Boringhieri, 1969; P.F. Galli's introduction to the Italian edition is published also on pp. 9-12 of the section "Traces" of issue no. 2, 2007, of Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane).

7. Otto Potzl, Rudolf Allers & Jakob Teler, Preconscious Stimulation in Dreams, Associations, and Images (1960)

8. Riley W. Gardner, Douglas N. Jackson & Samuel J. Messick, Personality Organization in Cognitive Controls and Intellectual Abilities (1960)

9. Fred Rouse & Richard O. Schwartz, Activation and Recovery of Associations (1961)

10. Merton M. Gill, Topography and Systems in Psychoanalytic Theory (1963) (Italian translation: Il modello topico nella teoria psicoanalitica. Turin: Boringhieri, 1979)

11. Robert W. White, Ego and Reality in Psychoanalytic Theory: A Proposal Regarding the Independent Ego Energies (1963)

12. Ivo Kohler, The Formation and Transformation of the Perceptual World (1964)

13. David Shakow & David Rapaport, The Influence of Freud on American Psychology (1964)

14. Heinz Hartmann, Ernst Kris & Rudolph M. Loewenstein, Papers on Psychoanalytic Psychology (1964) (Italian translation: Scritti di psicologia psicoanalitica. Turin: Boringhieri, 1978)

15. Wolfgang Lederer, Dragons, Delinquents, and Destiny: An Essay on Positive Superego Functions (1964)

16. Peter Armacher, Freudís Neurological Education and its Influence on Psychoanalytic Theory (1965)

17. Peter H. Wolff, The Causes, Controls, and Organization of Behavior in the Neonate (1966)

18/19. Robert R. Holt, editor, Motives and Thought: Psychoanalytic Essays in Honor of David Rapaport (1967)

20. John Chynoweth Burnham, Psychoanalysis and American Medicine, 1894-1918: Medicine, Science, and Culture (1968)

21. Helen D. Sargent, Leonard Horwitz, Robert S. Wallerstein & Ann Appelbaum, Prediction in Psychotherapy Research: A Method of the Transformation of Clinical Judgments into Testable Hypotheses (1968)

22. Marjorie Grene, editor, Toward a Unity of Knowledge (1969)

23. Fred Schwartz & Peter Schiller, A Psychoanalytic Model of Attention and Learning (1970)

24. Bernard Landis, Ego Boundaries (1970)

25/26. Emanuel Peterfreund, Information, Systems, and Psychoanalysis: An Evolutionary Biological Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory (1971)

27. Louis Breger, Ian Hunter & Ron W. Lane, The Effect of Stress on Dreams (1972)

28. Edith L. Garduk, Immediate Effects on Patients of Psychoanalytic Interpretations (1972)

29. Erich Goldmeier, Similarity in Visually Perceived Forms (1972)

30. Martin Mayman, editor, Psychoanalytic Research: Three Approaches to the Experimental Study of Subliminal Processes (1973)

31. Nanette Heiman & Joan Grant, editors, Else Frenkel-Brunswik: Selected Papers (1974)

32. Fred Schwartz, editor, Scientific Thought and Social Reality: Essays by Michael Polanyi (1974)

33. Stanley I. Greenspan, A Consideration of Some Learning Variables in the Context of Psychoanalytic Theory: Toward a Psychoanalytic Learning Perspective (1975)

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37. Robert N. Emde, Theodore J. Gaensbauer & Robert J. Harmon, Emotional Expression in Infancy: A Biobehavioral Study (1976)

38. David Shakow, Schizophrenia: Selected Papers (1977)

39. Paul E. Stepansky, A History of Aggression in Freud (1982)

40. Joseph De Rivera, A Structural Theory of the Emotions (1977)

41. Hannah S. Decker, Freud in Germany: Revolution and Reaction in Science, 1893-1907 (1977)

42/43. Allan D. Rosenblatt & James T. Thickstun, Modern Psychoanalytic Concepts in a General Psychology: General Concepts and Principles/Motivation (1977)

44. Herbert Schlesinger, editor, Symbol and Neurosis: Selected Papers of Lawrence S. Kubie (1978)

45/46. Alan Krohn, Hysteria: The Elusive Neurosis (1978)

47/48. Stanley I. Greenspan, Intelligence and Adaptation: An Integration of Psychoanalytic and Piagetian Developmental Psychology (1979)

49. Gilbert J. Rose, The Power of Form: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Aesthetic Form (1980)

50. William W. Meissner, Internalization in Psychoanalysis (1981)

51. Herman A. Witkin & Donald R. Goodenough, Cognitive Styles, Essays and Origins: Field Dependence and Field Independence (1981)

52. Gudmund J.W. Smith & Anna Danielsson Smith, Anxiety and Defense Strategies in Childhood and Adolescence (1982)

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54.. Merton M. Gill & Irwin Z. Hoffman, Analysis of Transference, Vol. II: Studies of Nine Audio-Recorded Psychoanalytic Sessions (1982)

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56. Nigel Mackay, Motivation and Explanation: An Essay on Freudís Philosophy of Science (1989)

57. Gudmund J.W. Smith & Ingegerd M. Carlsson, The Creative Process: A Fictional Model Based on Empirical Studies from Early Childhood to Middle Age (1990)

58. Patricia S. Herzog, Conscious and Unconscious: Freudís Dynamic Distinction Reconsidered (1991)

59. Carlo Strenger, Between Hermeneutics and Science: An Essay on the Epistemology of Psychoanalysis (1991)

60. Russell H. Davis, Freudís Concept of Passivity (1991)

61. Adolf GrŁnbaum, Validation in the Clinical Theory of Psychoanalysis: A Study in the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis (1993)

62/63. Robert R. Holt, editor, Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of Science: Collected Papers of Benjamin B. Rubinstein, M.D. (1997)

64. Howard Shevrin, editor, Subliminal Explorations of Perception, Dreams, and Fantasies: The Pioneering Contributions of Charles Fisher (2003)


Monographs published by Jason Aronson:

65. Daniel Burston, Erik Erikson and the American Psyche: Ego, Ethics, and Evolution (2007)

66. Rita S. Eagle, Help Him Make You Smile: The Development of Intersubjectivity in the Atypical Child (2007)

67. Craig Piers, John P. Muller & Joseph Brent, editors, Self-Organizing Complexity in Psychological Systems (2007)

68. John P. Muller & Jane G. Tillman, editors, The Embodied Subject: Minding the Body in Psychoanalysis (2007)

69. Robert R. Holt, Primary Process Thinking: Theory, Measurement, and Research (2008)


Monographs published by Routledge:

70. Morris N. Eagle, From Classical to Contemporary Psychoanalysis: A Critique and Integration (2011) (Italian translation: Da Freud alla psicoanalisi contemporanea. Critica e integrazione. Milan: Raffaello Cortina, 2012)

71. Jean-Georges Schimek, Memory, Myth, and Seduction: Unconscious Fantasy and the Interpretive Process. Edited by Deborah L. Browning (2011)

72. Mardi Horowitz, Identity and the New Psychoanalytic Explorations of Self-organization (2014)

73. Judy Kantrowitz, Myths of Termination. What Patients Can Teach Psychoanalysts (2014)

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75. Christopher Christian, Morris N. Eagle & David N. Wolitzky, editors, Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Conflict (2017)

76. Ellen Pinsky, Death and Fallibility in the Psychoanalytic Encounter. Mortal Gifts (2017)

77. Morris N. Eagle, Core Concepts in Classical Psychoanalysis. Clinical, Research Evidence and Conceptual Critique (2018)

78. Morris N. Eagle, Core Concepts in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Clinical, Research Evidence and Conceptual Critique (2018) (An anticipation of ch. 2 is published on pp. 535-572 of issue no. 4, 2015, of the Italian journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane)

79. Donald L. Carveth, Psychoanalytic Thinking: A Dialectical Critique of Contemporary Theory and Practice (2018)

80. Dustin Kahoud & Danielle Knafo, Sex, Drugs and Creativity: Searching for Magic in a Disenchanted World (2018)

81. Joel Paris, An Evidence-Based Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice (2019)

82. Morris N. Eagle, Toward a Unified Psychoanalytic Theory: Foundation in a Revised and Expanded Ego Psychology (2021) (Italian translation: Verso una teoria psicoanalitica unificata fondata su una Psicologia dell'Io riveduta e ampliata. Milan: Raffaello Cortina, 2023. A syntesis of this book is on pp. 191-204 of issue no. 2, 2021, vol. 55, of the Italian journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane)

83. Jerome C. Wakefield, Freud's Argument for the Oedipus Complex: A Philosophy of Science Analysis of the Case of Little Hans (2023)

84. Jerome C. Wakefield, Attachment, Sexuality, Power: Oedipal Theory as Regulator of Family Affection in Freudís Case of Little Hans (2023)

85. Morris N. Eagle, Subjective Experience: Its Fate in Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Mind (2024) (The Italian translation of the Introduction of this book is on pp. 557-562 of issue no. 4, 2023, vol. 57, the Italian journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane)

86. Jerome C. Wakefield, Foucault Versus Freud. Oedipal Theory and the Deployment of Sexuality (2024)


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